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The Daughter

This is one of my favorites and I still wonder how I didn't get a complaint. (Or fired for that matter)

I'm working on new releases and its a hot summer day. People have been fairly cranky all afternoon but I was handling it fairly well when a girl around twelve years of age stands about twenty yards away from where I was standing and yelled, "Excuse me sir?!"

I look up from my random sticker tagging and say quietly, "Yes, how can I help you?" trying to provoke her to come closer.

She looks at me blankly then sputters random words while holding up a Grey's Anatomy season 1, "I was wonder... um... This price here.... It's unrated... and um... It's a lot... I was trying... It's Unrated... and um it seems..."

I just stare at her blankly and I blinked when this short chubby lady with curly red hair takes the box set from the girls hand and slams the DVD on my cart knocking down many new release products on the floor and stares at me angrily and yells, "THIS IS NOT A HARD QUESTION TO ANSWER!!! DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHERS THAT ARE CHEAPER?!?!"

I look at the women blankly as if it didn't really affect me and I said, "No mam, that is the price of that box set."

She then looks and her daughter and says, "Don't worry honey he is just retarded."

I must have turned beat red with rage and veins popping out of my head but other wise I kept my composure and as she was about to leave I calmly replied, "Mam, if your daughter had been properly taught how to speak english then she wouldn't have turned me into a retard."

The woman then stomped out of the store and yelled outside the mall to let everyone know: "THIS STORE IS RETARDED!"

I then explained my manager to what just happened told her I was going to smoke a pack of cigarettes and clocked out for break. I don't think I ever saw that woman again.

This fight left a mark on me all afternoon and when I left to pick up a case of beer to play drums with my band I actually got in a fight with a short old man at Meijer... It was a great day to bang on those drums
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