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i was having too much fun with this so i made it an entry...

The Tale of John Rezza's Death (a.k.a., The Firing of John Rezza)

Our former DM, John Rezza, made up a new schedule for the stores to use, and a new WINS warm-up. And said "This is what the company wants from now on. Use it, it's better."

And the company said "WTF, John Rezza? We told you nothing of the sort. Go eat pooh, because you are fired. What do you think of them apples?"

And John Rezza said "Boo hoo! I have been bitch slapped."

And the company said "HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! w3 pwn3d j00"

And then John Rezza said "Mommy!"

And then as he crawled away without his pants, cuz they really did own him after all, the company said "BUT WAIT! We don't want you to go empty handed! Please, take this cd...we feel bad. Here. Have it. It's your severance package."

And then John Rezza looked at the cd and he said " is a mix tape of Jan Hammer the Genius, and the out-of-this-world Jones Gang!"

And he burst into flames.

*Note: Anything after the first paragraph should be taken uber-lightly. There were no flames.

P.S.~ The cd remained. *end thriller music*
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