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I'm so happy I heard and found this place!

I work at the 752 store in Novi Michigan as an associate (Should be Lead Associate or key holder). I have been there a little over a year now. I've always wanted to work at a store such as FYE... Until I get a "real" job of course. Before this I worked at Little Caesars and constantly wanted to hang myself so this was a big upgrade.

I listen to Metal... Not Avenged Soldoutfold, or Trivium (Metallica) or whatever shitty band... Dragonforce? But good metal (If your into that sort of thing). I'm not a scary "im gonna rip your head off" metal person. I'm just your average joe who enjoys hard and fast music... It calms me down.

I also play lots and lots of Video games. I own an Xbox 360 and play on Xbox Live... If anyone here does the same feel free to send me a friend invite: xDetroitMetalx and explain to me who you are so I don't delete it. So as you can see this is a great job for me.

Well, thought I'd say hello. I actually gotta go to my store now... I got some great stories to tell!
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